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Not only are these extracts surprisingly cost effective, they also can help lower medication and associated labor costs. We, at Nouriche Nutrition, are here to help you test, formulate, and teach you or your clients how these products will improve profitability.”

“We have been studying the olfactory-taste-behavior relationship in animals and humans for over 15 years and have over 30 active research partnerships around the world. Our products are quality assured for consistency, naturally robust efficacy, biological safety, and our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and FAMI-QS. Our specific blends of flavors, spices, herbs, and aromas have significant beneficial effects on animal intake, performance, and farmer profitability. We are now looking forward to expanding distribution to the U.S. market,” Olivier Niedergang, Laboratoires Phode’s Sales Director - Animal Care Division, based at Phode’s headquarters in Terssac, France.
Targeting of Sensory Receptors
Help Improve Feed Intake, ADG, Growth, Fertility,
Milk Production, Overall Health, and Longevity
Counter Stress Responses, Correct Digestive Disorders
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Plant Oils & Spice Extracts
Impact Animal Sensory Receptors
Shown To Improve Behavior, Emotions,
Metabolic Responses And Performance

Nouriche Nutrition Ltd is now the U.S. master distributor for Laboratoires Phode’s performance enhancing animal feed plant extract additives. These proactive blends specifically target the olfactory and taste senses in livestock to positively impact animal growth, health, and well-being.

The exact formulations, some of which are patented, draw from over 800 carefully cultivated raw materials and have been fine-tuned to counter a broad range of physiological and hormonal stress responses and digestive disorders.

Products such as Veo Premium, Oleobiotec, and Optifeed are used worldwide to economically stimulate feed intake, enhance growth, ADG, fertility rates, increase milk production, improve milk yield, overall health, and longevity. In addition, the appealing tastes and scents help avoid boredom, mask malodors in the environment, and overcome changes in feed formulas.
Dr. Drew Vermeire  
Sales & Technical: 636 625-1884  
                       Cell: 314 409-9843
The Science of Smell & Taste l Harnessed By Phode Labs of France l Promotes Intake, Reduces Stress, & Improves Digestion
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