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High Potency, Long Lasting, Enticing Sweetener Without Bitter Aftertaste
For Ruminants and Swine
Highly Concentrated = Super Sweet Value
Dr. Drew Vermeire 
Sales & Technical 636 625-1884     Cell: 314 409-9843
PhodeSweet Proprietary Blend Helps Increase Feed Intake
  • Reproduces the taste of sugar
  • Extends the duration of sweet taste perception
  • Improves feed palatability
  • Masks changes in feed, environment, and bitter aftertastes like those found in Sucram
  • Enticing aroma
  • Stimulates the release of insulin
  • Molecules shaped ideally to promote homogeneity in the feed
TASTE RECEPTORS: Mammals have receptor cells called taste buds that can perceive sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Olfactory receptors are neurons that line the nasal cavity, when odorant molecules bind to receptors a signal transduction pathway is triggered, sending action potentials to the brain.
Thaumatine: Extract of the west African Thaumatococcus Danielli Benth plant's fruit, ideal for masking bitter aftertaste
Licorice Extracts: Glycyrrhiza glabra root for attractive sweet flavor
Animals Prefer Sweet Taste To Entice Feed Intake
Because Taste & Smell Are The Gateway To
Behavior and Emotions

Taste and Smell
Send Action Potentials To The Brain

Perception Areas of Sweet and Bitter Tastes on Tongue Do Not Overlap
Therefore, Sweet Taste Alone Cannot Mask Bitter Taste Of Competitive Sugar Substitutes