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VéO  Premium “VP”
Plant Extracts for Dairy Cows
More Milk!  More Calves!!  Less Stress!!!
VéO® Premium: Improves Performance &  Profit
Start To See Results In Just 7 Days!
Our potent and proprietary blend of carefully cultivated plant species extracts
are quality assured for consistency, naturally robust efficacy, biological
safety, and have been shown in multiple stringent studies, as well as farms
throughout Europe, Canada, and China to:

  • Stimulate animal appetite/Increase feed intake
  • Accelerate Milk Production: +7.7 lb/avg. per day
  • Improve Fertility: Increase pregnancy rate, fewer services, fewer days to conception
  • Reduce adverse responses to stress by acting on specific neural receptors
  • Favorably impact hormones released by the brain involved in numerous health functions
  • Improve your performance and profitability

Plant Extracts:  Long History of Health Benefits
Archeological evidence shows the use of plants for health and medicinal benefits dates back at least 60,000 years and is well documented for over 5,000 years. Plants with profound biological effects can be found in widely used medicines such as aspirin and digitalis. Aspirin is a pain reliever made from the bark of willow trees. Digitalis is a heart medicine made from purified extract of the digitalis plant. Medical use of Cannabis dates back at least 5,000 years and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. One of its benefits useful for cancer patients is as an appetite stimulant. Western culture is just rediscovering the many benefits of plant extracts as respected organizations such as the AMA, American College of Physicians, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and others endorse more research. At last, the benefits of research proven plant extracts are available in the U.S. for your cows.

VéO® Premium: Enhances Fertility & Reproduction
Research among 18 trial locations using VéO® Premium at the rate of 4 grams per 
head per day versus no “VP” showed:
1) Fewer days to first estrus
2) Higher rate of conception from first AI
3) Higher AI per pregnancy
4) Fewer services per conception
5) Fewer days calving interval
       6) Fewer days to 1st successful artificial insemination
7) Fewer days to pregnant

VéO® Premium: Reduces Stress Impact on Feed Intake
“VP” is systematically balanced and shown to successfully reduce hormonal responses to stressors that inhibit feed  intake, especially when your goal is to promote intake above maintenance requirements. The additional (marginal) feed intake is then efficiently and cost-effectively converted to highly profitable, additional (marginal) milk production.  Consider, dairy cows typically consume more than 3% of their body weight in dry matter per day because of hormones produced during lactation compared with feedlot cattle that consume about 2% of body weight. “VP” helps keep stress response in check to optimize cows’ feed intake levels and, therefore, yield more of the extra profitable, marginal milk for you.

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Dr. Drew Vermeire  
Sales & Technical 636 625-1884  
  Cell: 314 409-9843